Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite Places to Shop

In this economy, who doesn’t like a bargain? Here are my FAVORITE places and all of them are really cheap! Which is great when you’re outfitting your children, or yourself, for just a growth spurt or a season?

West New York, NJ: I’m sure that many of you who grew up in southern Bergen County spent many Saturdays shopping with your mother in West New York. Why? Block for block West New York had the most (to put it into the South Bergen vernacular of the 1970’s) junk stores—meaning they carried a little bit of everything. And if you’re looking for those front-snap house-dresses—the ones my Auntie Anna always wore—West New York is probably the only place you can still find them. All these stores are located on Bergenline Avenue between 55th and 60th Street.

ABC Superstore: Here’s one of my family’s favorite “junk” stores. ABC carries everything from pots to underwear to curtains to tan and navy blue school uniforms (all under $10) to sweats. Kids pajamas are $3.99 and a large selection of Auntie Anna’s front-snap house dresses are priced at $3.99. They also have some children’s clothes that have Wal-Mart tags for $2.99.

$5 Shoe Warehouse: Okay, you know my sick obsession with shoes. I’ve been lost since Valley Fair closed, but this store is my new shoe Mecca. $5 shoes, really? Really. No, they’re not Nordstrom quality, but they’re season-worthy and have great designer knock-off’s for $5. If you like trendy, but don’t want to pay a fortune, this is the place. I bought a pair of pink satin heels with a rhinestone ankle wrap and a knock-off pair of Nine West platforms for $5. The shoes I get the most compliments on come from this store. Also, for the most trendy summer sandals—this place is fantastic. The store is floor to ceiling shoes and gets REALLY crowded on Saturdays, but it’s so worth the trip.

Easy Pickins: I can hear my friends now, “They’re still around?” Yes, they are, and they’re still one of the best designer knock-off stores around. The clothes are really geared for the twenty-something set and younger, unless you’re going on a “Cougar Cruise”—in which case Go Wild, Ladies! They have trendy sequined tops and dresses, jeans, halter tops, club wear, and SHOES. Next to the $5 Warehouse, this is my favorite place for shoes—heels, platforms, sandals, boots, open-toe shoe boots, sneakers. Most of their items are priced under $20.

Kid City: This is THE place to shop for kids clothes, from infants to size 14. They have the most adorable selection of baby clothes priced under $10—great place for baby gifts. And the quality is very, very good. They also carry good quality tan and navy blue uniforms—slacks, jumpers, skirts, shirts—all under $8.99. Winter coats are priced under $20 and most clothes under $10. For those hard to please ‘tweens who are just getting trendy they have a good-sized selection of clothes that are both trendy and appropriate.

I have a favorite store in Ridgewood:

Fox’s, 230 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood: This small two-floor store is one of kind. Top quality discounted designer clothes! You’ll think you died and went to boutique heaven. In Ridgewood? Yes. Visit once and you’ll never go to a mall again. They have casual clothes, dresses, jeans, and great costume jewelry on the first floor. The basement has more formal dresses and designer shoes for a fraction of retail cost. They have annual parties for customers on their mailing list. Check out their website:

Before you buy anything, check on eBay. I almost always buy items that are "new with tags" and for what I paid I think they must have fallen off a truck:

eBay: I saw a great pair of Guess shoes in Nordstrom for $100. I bought the same exact pair NEW in box on eBay for $19.99. My son was in a wedding and needed a tuxedo. I went on eBay and bought a brand new black fully lined tux (jacket, shirt, bow tie and slacks) for $19.99. I saw a beautiful communion dress for my daughter in Macy’s for over $100. I found the exact brand-name dress new on eBay for $14.99. All bought with the “Buy Now” function.

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